Social Distancing GoI Style

social distancing, shutting schools, work from home, and how the government itself failed it

Warriors of life

Warriors of life

Copper Regaining in Kashmir

Though copper industry in Kashmir faced many setbacks but the health hazards of non-copper metals have once again pushed the populace towards the use of copperware By Amir Rafi Undoubtedly,...

Love Can Wait

Marriages are not a new thing in Indian society. It has been practiced for centuries but the instances of love marriage in India are still low. Love, in its romantic dimension, is a fine game of opposites.

Trafficking and Trade

Sajad Farooq Rather writes about the trafficking of women and prostitution in India and what needs to be done to save them from getting exploited.   Indian history is replete with stories of Tawaifs. A Tawaif was a highly sophisticated courtesan who...

SAC decisions: Impact on Education and Employment

It is high time the controversial SAC decision on ReTs is revoked with immediate effect and a new out-of-box strategy is put forth to absorb the controversial lot of ReTs, writes Sheikh Umar Ahmad   Education...

Elections over Education

Posting teachers and lecturers on election duty is having an adverse impact on school education, Sheikh Mudasir Amin reports As yet another election season sets in, Jammu and Kashmir’s School Education Department is busy issuing directions to...

Sexual assault victims left with deep mental scars

Kashmir also had its #MeToo moment with several women speaking up against their tormentors As the new dawn sets in the summer of 2012, the whole Kashmir gets immersed in the festivity of Eid. The...

Art in Dark

Kashmir is the valley of infinite stories but due to rising indifference toward the art forms, the stories of the Valley are going unheard, Dyuti Khulbe in her in-depth piece on Kashmir cinemas, art, and...

The lost trails  

Prashasti Awasthi looks into the reasons why the symbols of Hinduism in Kashmir are vanishing despite the religion’s rich history in the region Kashmir is often known to be the symbolic representation of heaven, beautifully painted...

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