Malini Bakshi, who turned her passion of baking into a success, talks to Rajan Kour about her success story and preparation for taking giant leaps


Malini Bakshi, Owner Brownie Box Jammu
Brownie Box Coffee Shop Chhani, Jammu


Venturing out and finding a way to realise one’s dreams requires a strong persona and unlimited faith in oneself. The gutsy feeling, many a time, may not be inborn. However, clarity of thought, which springs up to wake the dreamer from a slumber does the magic trick of accomplishment provided one is ready for the go. And as they say, success is sweet, sometimes sweet and yummy enough as a brownie. Yes, for Malini Bakshi it is so. She has captured her passion in the ‘Brownie Box’, her successful sweet bakes outlet at Channi Himmat.

Malini is all smiles. Though it did not happen overnight, she is elated that her dream has been realised.

“I love baking as my daughters are fond of cakes, prompting me to try new bakes now and then,” she reveals.

Being a housewife and a loving mother, she found satisfaction in putting her passion and creativity in cooking and baking for the family. However, it stands true that it is hard to stifle your dynamism for long as it does find an expression. Though sometimes the impetus comes from outside in the shape of a well-wisher as in case of Bakshi.

She says, “I baked good for the family but did not know how to give wings to my passion until my nephew who is an executive chef with a five-star hotel prodded me to embark on the project of starting an outlet.”

Profusely supported by her husband Harbir Singh, the ‘Brownie Box’ happened in December 2017, soothing the quest of the vivacious woman who dared not only to comprehend her purpose but achieved it as well.

The classily decked out ‘Brownie Box’ is grabbing eyeballs. The tidy environs with the delightful portrayal of the variety of cakes are distinct, besides the cushy sitting space for ‘me’ time. Though not a huge area, yet liveliness and calm is abundant. Situated at an easily accessible locale of Channi Himmat, it is inviting young and old alike. The giggle of teenagers savouring delightful brownies with coffee is a customary sight at Bakshi’s eatery. The place is catching the imagination of not only the youngsters but elderly people too who find it a friendly space to spend quality time.

“I absolutely love giggles and smiles all around me, the chuckling youngsters, smiling couples and relaxing women reading novels and enjoying coffee is the spectacle I can ever ask for,” avers a smiling Malini.

‘Brownie Box’ serves delightful bakes alongside coffee and mocktails. She says her rainbow cake, red velvet and brownies are really sought after and are quite a rage among all the customers.

Bakshi is a happy woman and her affectionate face quickly comes to the fore once her customers enter for relishing her delicacies.

“I have customers from various corners of the State who love to try our bakes, so I am planning a second outlet in the city,” she gladly discloses.

Encouraged by the huge response to her venture, Bakshi reveals that soon she would have savouries like pizzas, pasta and burgers as well.

She is lovingly becoming known as ‘Brownie aunty’ among her daughters’ circle.

“It’s not only me who has become self-sufficient, my daughters are following my footsteps and not only helping me in small ways but becoming less dependent,” said the happy mother.

She said her husband has been not only a constant source of inspiration but a pillar of strength and added that he is a gentleman who is standing by her always.

She also recalled the immense love and support lent to her by her mother who cajoled her to live her dream joyfully.

Now the spirited self-made woman is unstoppable. With ample support of her husband and kids, charming Bakshi is on a new high. Equipped with her flair for yummy bakes, she appears so ready for the giant leaps.

“Take a step and things will follow,” she says with a beautiful smile.


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